Good news for long-term residents in Japan. From July 9th 2012, a new resident management system will begin. This means that the period of stay allowed from one application will be lengthened to 5 years. In addition,…More information,Click “Alien Registration card“

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Daily Life
Visas, city hall, taxes, insurance and more. Plenty of info on our everyday problems, plus solutions. Hope you’ll find it useful.
From looking for work to business etiquette. Entrepreneurs starting your own business, have a look at our knowhow here.
What options are there and how to select the right one. Japanese or international, language or vocational, a lot of info on education and related issues.
Find out what makes various places in Japan special and appealing. Things to know about hotels, souvenirs, means of transport etc.
Amusement parks, nightlife, sports and hobbies. Valuable insight by long-term residents!
Food & Culture
World famous Japanese cuisine. We’ll show you some good restaurants, a few simple recipes, and various local customs.

Thank you for visiting our “NaviJapan” website.
We presume that most of the problems foreigners here face are caused by cultural and language barriers. It is a real shame that these issues can give them a negative impression about Japan. We aim to help foreign residents have a more comfortable and exciting life in Japan, by providing more thorough and up-to-date information on Japanese life than anywhere else. Please cheack "About us" too.

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